Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First post

Well...I finally succumed to the world of Blogging. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I'm looking forward to having a place to list photos of my arty stuff that I create to keep myself sane.

I NEVER thought of myself as an artist but several people have used that description of me lately and I like the feel I am an "artist" with a "studio" of my own. You should see this studio though! It's a computer room, junk room, work room and a room for all my packratish findings. Most of it ends up on my work table! The one piece of equiptment that I should have in here is a shovel...would make straightening up a lot easier I think. I eventually want to move my room accross the hall to a place with more wall space for tables. Course more tables means more flat space for my "treasures" to settle on and accumulate. And, OH, do I have treasures abounding in my studio! I even have my husband bringing things home from work for me to add to my stash. What an accomplishment THAT was! He's beginning to look at "junk" with a different eye finally. He's amazed at some of the things I use...I go around picking up bits and bots off the floor, out of drawers, off the ground and anywhere I find them. I truly am a packrat! So...Welcome to the world of Foreverpackrat!

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