Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well, I'll be durned!! I actually did figure out how to get my ducks in a row. Maybe not ducks, but I did get my photos lined up right.
HA! That was supposed to be bits and bobs in my first post. Already I'm off to a great start by misspelling things! I have to remember to use "spell check." The key word there is "remember"...something I have trouble with.

Anyhow...I posted a couple of photos of a Slide Mailer I sold on eBay. Would sure be nice if I could figure out how to get the photos in order. At least they are posted. I've really been enjoying doing Slide mailers for a few months now. Mine usually come out looking something you might find in your Grandmother's old storage trunk in the attic. I guess because I'm becoming vintage myself, most of my creations are vintage, be it tins, ATC's, Slide Mailers and anything else that finds it's way out of my brain onto my work table. I've had a couple of requests for ATC swaps which was a real surprise for me. Never thought anyone would actually request a swap with me! Well, I'm swapping and it's fun! You should try it sometime! Hope you like my mailers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First post

Well...I finally succumed to the world of Blogging. I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I'm looking forward to having a place to list photos of my arty stuff that I create to keep myself sane.

I NEVER thought of myself as an artist but several people have used that description of me lately and I like the feel I am an "artist" with a "studio" of my own. You should see this studio though! It's a computer room, junk room, work room and a room for all my packratish findings. Most of it ends up on my work table! The one piece of equiptment that I should have in here is a shovel...would make straightening up a lot easier I think. I eventually want to move my room accross the hall to a place with more wall space for tables. Course more tables means more flat space for my "treasures" to settle on and accumulate. And, OH, do I have treasures abounding in my studio! I even have my husband bringing things home from work for me to add to my stash. What an accomplishment THAT was! He's beginning to look at "junk" with a different eye finally. He's amazed at some of the things I use...I go around picking up bits and bots off the floor, out of drawers, off the ground and anywhere I find them. I truly am a packrat! So...Welcome to the world of Foreverpackrat!