Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I finally finished my first Tussie Mussie for the Goody Swap and boy was it ever fun. Mine will go out in the mail tomorrow. I'm probably the last to mail theirs. My partner, Jenny, is late too. How, oh how, did they manage to put the two of us together...we so need Procrastinators Annonymous!! I'm anxiout to see what Jenny did.

I would like to host a swap myself...perhaps an Altoid Tin Goody Swap. They're small but fun to work with and you might be surprised at what you could include on the inside. Once I figure out how to actually do a swap, I will post it. Maybe a Christmas theme.

I'm off to my first scrapping event Friday and can't wait! I don't do much scrapping now, but I'm sure anything I learn can be used with my altered art projects. I do have some photos that I want to scrap though.