Friday, May 27, 2011

Time is flying too fast!

     I can't believe Memorial Day is almost here!!! Next thing you know it will be 4th of July next week! Mom always told me the older you get the faster the time goes...I hate to admit it but she was right. It seems like it was winter just a few days ago and already yesterday it was 93 degrees! I sure hope this summer is not as extreme as winter was...I might melt into a puddle before it's over!
     Well, on to something new! I have been doing some swaps on and have been working on some new things. This is a Cookie Cutter Curiosity which I never heard of before. It's my contribution to my partner and I hope she likes it. I've had a bunch of vintage cookie cutters that I've never used (I am a packrat you know) and this is one that I just could not figure out. What in the world is it? It IS a cookie cutter, though, so it's fair game to be altered. I love the little birdie and how her tail fits in the unnamed creature's head and I added a little nesting material for her along with a stick. She might need it to beat off any other birds that want her nest.
I have a few more cookie cutters but I don't think I can part with them so now I'm on the lookout for new ones that I like. I'm also on the lookout for some spoons. YUP...spoons that I can alter for a swap! That's a new one for me too but I can't wait to try. All these things are just screaming Christmas to me now. That scares me because it's waaaaay beyond July 4th and I'm the one that wants to slow things down.
      Before I go, I thought I would share a few swaps I received this week.  This first one was a Just Pink Card and all that was required was two pink cards.  As you can see, she went over the top.  I love everything, but especially the hand dyed seam binding (my favorite go to ribbon right now) and the little flower.

This is for a Handmade Bookmark swap and all that was required was one item.  What I especially liked was the use of buttons on the dangley thingeys.   Since I'm a button collector I was tickled!

I've never hosted a swap before...this was my first and it was for Vintage Photo Postcards.  I had an ulterior motive, I wanted to increase my vintage photo stash. *sneaky smile*  I love the little girl and I want to know what that lady is saying to that little piggy!  The one on the left is a very nice card but my photographic abilities didn't do it justice at all.  Sorry!  It's a solder sitting on a horse, probably a Calvary soldier from WWI.

Does anyone else have as much trouble figuring out this blogging thing as I do?? It's not bad enough that I'm not a great picture taker, but when it comes to blogging I am so out in the potato patch! I guess the only way I will conquer it is to just keep plugging away so look out world, here I come a pluggin' away!
I'll be posting some photos of our town's Memorial Day Parade...they go all out every year. Lots of fun to get together and catch up with neighbors that we don't have much contact with during the year. Hope everyone has a wonderful SAFE and happy Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the time off from work! Ren

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