Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Items

Hi all! I've spent the last couple of afternoons upstairs crafting on my two new tables and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I have so much room to spread out now. I actually have room to work...imagine that! Here are a couple of projects I completed and am hoping to post in my Etsy store.

I'm loving my two giant hole punches and am probably using them on way too many things right now. They are so fun though! I, also, got the hang of making ruffles...what fun!

I've been embossing my tags too. I have a swirls and a dots die that I use. Now I'm on the prowl for another kind. Oh, I have music notes too.

These are two that I did quite sometime ago but am finally ready to part with. They have bits of tulle and lace from a vintage wedding gown I found at a local thrift store.

Guess I'll head out to try and figure out how to list my first items on Etsy. I tend to be a slow learner so it could take quite awhile. Course everything I do anymore takes longer than it used to. See y'all later! Ren

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