Friday, February 18, 2011

Some ATC's

Here are three ATC' from 2008, one from 2010 and one made by another artist. For some reason I've gotten away from doing them and I really miss it. Now that Christmas is out of the way, I want to get back to my first love. This first one is an older ATC titled "Eyes of Love" that I did in 2008. I decided to keep it for myself.
This one was fun to work on. It was made from bits and pieces laying around on my desk. There is never a shortage of little pieces to use and I've finally started putting them in a box so they don't escape onto the rug. The title of this one is "Life's Little Pieces."

This is my favorite right now! It was made by Laura Carson and was a give away at her BLOG Artfully Musing which I won. Only the second giveaway for me. I was thrilled! I have another one of hers that I have to scan into the computer soon. She does the most intricate and delicate work I've seen so far and I am so inspired to start rooting around in my stash of tiny treasures (junk to most people). Stop over and check out her work. Maybe you too can win a piece of her work since she gives it away on a regulalr basis. I'm selfish so I hope you don't win. *evil grin* You should try anyhow!

I'm off today for a lunch date at the Red Lobster with Mom and a friend. Hubby got one of their gift cards for Christmas that he will NEVER use so he gave it to me and I am happy to put it to use! Have a great day y'all! Ren

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