Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I did it again...

I let this blog slide right on down the hill and out the back door!! Is anyone out there as inconsistent as me? Not just inconsistent, but a major procrastinator in all areas of my life! I've been saying for ever so long that I'm gonna organize my craft studio. Have I done it? NO-OT! I am trying though but I just can't seem to part with ANYTHING. You did see that my ID is foreverpackrat! That's me! At least I've straightened up a bit and here's a few photos to prove it. I'm actually beginning to organize my paper but I still have a bunch of stashes all over the room. This is where it will all be housed eventually...I think.

*hanging head in shame* The rest isn't very organized. Oh, I just love that old wood tool box. My hubby is a Tool and Die maker and this was a box he used many, many years ago at the beginning of his career. It now holds glitter, pens, embossing powder, tools and miscellaneous things.

Ummmm...the only reason this looks organized is because I moved all the stuff across the room to the paper area. Notice the clear plastic shelves are empty. They can be a real pain to use with the little lip at the front of each shelf. Also, notice the exercise bike I don't use. I WANT to use it but, once again, I procrastinate and it collects dust.

This is right behind my chair and is a disaster! I come close to tripping every single time I get up! That is just one of four similar baskets of lace scraps that I love. A lot of them are vintage. There is a stack of plastic baby food containers with lids that I thought would make great storage containers. I don't know what for, but they will be great.

And...ta desk. I have been trying to clean up after I make something but, once again, procrastination at it finest!

I don't know how, but amongst all this bedlam I actually did some creating. Here is a Christmas gift box that I repurposed for Valentines Day. Don't know what I'm gonna do with it but it's actually finished.

Here's a tag that I think I'm gonna use on a Bridal Shower gift for my niece soon.

Here's a Valentine tag that I have absolutely no idea where to use. Obviously can't use it on a gift for hubby...too girley for him. *smirk*

Well, since I wore myself out fessing up, I guess I'm gonna head off to bed. It's actually 2:30 AM and I'm tired. Since I don't want to face plant on my keyboard, I'm outta here for the night! Nytol! Ren

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