Saturday, November 6, 2010

More for my nest!

Here is my latest thrift store find and I'm just tickled pink!!! I recently got a book about embellishments and it mentioned using a typewriter on vintage page margins and since I love vintage looking stuff, I had to have one! I've used the computer up until now but I waste quite a bit of paper, plus I have to ink and age it for it to look old. Why not just start with old paper and be done with it. I spotted this little cutie and only had to pay $4.99! Yep, that's right! I couldn't believe the price. It also helps that I LOVE the color and size and portability. I was even able to get a new ribbon on line...with correction tape on it. LOL Cool beans!!

I'm sitting here grinning like an idiot! Guess I'll go play with my new toy. And it doesn't even need electric!

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Ashley Reynolds said...

Jealous - what an amazing find!!!!! I love thrifting so much for that feeling of finding such a treasure!