Friday, November 5, 2010

Journals, journals and more journals...

I'm doing what I said!! I actually got my tush upstairs and worked on some journals! How often do I say I'm gonna do something and then just procrastinate??? Of course, I AM the Grand Poobah of Procrastinators Anonymous so what do you expect? Anyhow, here's what I accomplished. This first one has German glass glitter that you really can't see on all the pink areas. The ribbons on the right are to tie it closed with a pretty bow. The photo is kind of washed out but that is due to my poor photographic abilities.

This is my stack of waiting journals. I am finding it hard reconciling the fact that they are for sale and they're not even finished yet. I love the paper and how it feels in my hands and, when that happens, I find it hard to part with things. Do any of you have that problem? I really don't even keep a journal but I love the books.

The one on top here is my favorite.

Well, off now to accomplish more while I prowl the area for more vintage wallpaper. Poor man at our local wallpaper store just can't understand the run on people wanting his old sample books. He can't keep them in the store! I was promised a phone call when he has any so there is hope.

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Ati. said...

Hi Lauren, I have missed your art on Flickr , but below I have read why. Fantastic that you are healthy again! Lovely grandchild :) and I like the wall paper journals.
In your banner on the left side is an atc I have from you. We have swapped several times and I still admire your atc's. They are from a special standard!
Hope to see more of the coming art on Flickr soon :)
Best wishes, Ati~ Norway.