Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I guess you can see it's been a loooooooong time since my last entry. Slight understatement! A lot has happened in my life since then. A few major things are that I had open heart surgery, I have a new granddaughter and another grandchild on the way VERY soon. I can't wait to meet #4! One of my sons is now living in Florida and another is living in a new house. goes on.

Since my surgery in February 2010, I haven't done much crafting and I sorely miss it! It's what kept me reasonably sane. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from a blog named "Creative Chaos" and I have been trekking up to my third floor "studio" to do some creating. I have been working on a stack of vintage wallpapered journals that I would like to sell before Christmas. I'll be posting some photos tomorrow. Right now they are works in progress but I'm loving it. If I can muster up enough ambition, I might actually list a couple in my empty and dusty Etsy shop that has never been used. Boy would that ever be an accomplishment!!!

Another thing I HAVE to work on is cleaning up and organizing my studio so I can work up there. It really is Packrat's Nest up there! Hubby got me a little fridge last year, Mom donated a small microwave, #2 son left a T.V. for me, there is a coffee maker and most importantly.....a 1/2 bath! What is my problem?! I'm afraid if I start going up there on a regular basis, I won't want to come downstairs to the real world. I desperately need more workspace and #3 son has volunteered to make a work table for me. My neighbor across the street (she's a major scrapbooker!) came up to take a gander and loved it mess and all. Only thing she said was to add a "big ass table" right in the middle of the room and get going. That's what I'm gonna do! I'll start with a 4' by 8' piece of MDF and go from there.

Well, I guess it's time to roll my tired bones to bed. I'm actually looking forward to getting moving in the AM. Hey already is the AM. 2:45 to be exact. Guess I need to rethink that. Oh well, I really am off to bed!

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